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Madrid has a humanoid which serves tourists

28 December, 2022

Madrid is already a pioneer in visitor services and has taken the lead in digital tools. The city has just introduced “Pichi”, a unique humanoid in Spain which offers personalised attention to tourists depending on their needs and age. This resource is capable of facial recognition, speaks English and even dances the traditional Madrid chotis and takes selfies with travellers.

The city council has explained that “Pichi” has been introduced to reinforce the great service that the city has both in the Plaza Mayor Tourism Centre and in the 10 tourist information points in different areas of Madrid. And that is completed with the new virtual reality guides with 360-degree videos or visitor attention via WhatsApp, telephone or digital tablets from the municipal network of tourist information points.

The plan for the transformation of tourism services to visitors involves their consolidation as “tourist experience centres”, relying on a new concept of information which is “face-to-face, more digitised and sustainable allowing both visitors and people from Madrid to know more about the infinite proposals for tourism, culture, gastronomy, shopping and leisure”, said the city council.