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Smart tourism will make Basque County more sustainable

28 December, 2022

The Euskadi Tourism Observatory’s new platform, which incorporates the Smart Tourism System, responds to the commitment to make the Basque Country a benchmark in tourism sustainability. To this end, the implementation of systems has been promoted which will improve knowledge of the tourist reality and the application of methodology and technology which will help adapt it to this region’s strategic objectives.

To achieve this objective, the Smart Tourism Destination project has contributed, working on a transversal tourism management model based on 5 axes: innovation, technology, sustainability, accessibility and governance. In principle, the programme was conceived for municipalities and has coordinated the projects of the 3 Basque capitals. Now, in coordination with Segittur, it extends to regions.

The most recent Smart Tourism System has also contributed, as a sustainable and smart destination is consolidated via data on a cutting-edge technological infrastructure. And, with this, it guarantees a sustainable development of the tourism territory, accessible to all. Thus increasing the quality of the experience at the destination, while improving the residents’ quality of life.