13.07.2024 | 08:43

Madrid will host an airspace integration event

28 December, 2022

The American Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) will hold a new congress and exhibition focused on airspace integration in Madrid, the week of 25 September 2023. The new event, organised together the Kenes Group, will showcase advanced air mobility, urban air mobility, space integration and civil-military cooperation.

The congress will take place at Ifema Madrid and will be held jointly with the Expodrónica Air Show, under the umbrella of “Madrid Airspace Integration Week” which will take place in the same week. “We see hosting events around the world as a critical component of our organisation's work to engage all airspace users”, said ATCA President and CEO Brian Bruckbauer.

“Our goal at ATCA is to connect people to face current challenges and design the airspace of the future. For this reason, our event in Madrid will be one of the places where these conversations take place”, stated the head of the American organisation hosting the congress.