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Art and culture, the tourist themes of Ibiza in 2023

8 February, 2023

Ibiza is art, culture, originality and creativity; a place which always surprises you with something different to experience and feel. In this sense, the tourist proposal of the Balearic island directs its new features towards a clear and determined commitment to diversify the offer to new sectors which, such as art and culture, attract visitors who value unique destinations and in constant innovation.

Over the years, Ibiza has been the scene of numerous audiovisual productions and now, another step is taken towards the professionalisation and quality of the service presenting it as the ideal set from which to relate and imagine. The institutional effort for constant innovation, in addition, is accompanied by the drive and strength of local promoters and creators who have committed, from different areas and projects, to show culture and art from Ibiza to the world.

Three of those projects were recently presented on the white island. These are two festivals —Ibicine and Ibizacinefest— that are the prelude to the Goya Awards and which, from different perspectives, are committed to giving light and serving as a springboard to cinematographic projects and ideas of all kinds.