16.04.2024 | 22:48

The sweetest moment for the gastronomy of Gran Canaria

8 February, 2023

“The gastronomy of Gran Canaria is at its best. We have never had so many quality proposals, so many awards and recognition and of course, it has become an especially valuable product for the tourist destination by increasing the income of the sector”. With these words, the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Álamo, took part in the inauguration of the first day of the gastronomic fair, Madrid Fusión 2023.

About thirty young talents have moved there, none of whom are over 40 years old, and who are key references of the peak of Gran Canarian gastronomy, with establishments such as La Aquarela, with one Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns, Tabaiba, one Michelin Star and one Repsol Sun and Muxgo, with one Michelin Green Star: Hestia, recommended by Repsol; Qué Leche!, which has one Repsol sun and BIB Gourmand; Bevir, recommended by Repsol and the Michelin Guide; Antaeus; Decontraband, Michelin Recommended; Borneo (re-presenting at Aquanaria) and Sorondongo, which counts Richard Aguilar as the Best Chef of the Canary Islands 2022.

The Gran Canarian chef, Borja Marrero, from Muxgo, has distinguished himself with the Food Award of Spain Madrid Fusion 2023 convened by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is an award which values not only the product but the values of sustainability, care for the natural environment and commitment to producers.