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Renfe wants to encourage international tourists to use the AVE

8 February, 2023

Renfe and the Jumbo Tours Group have signed an agreement to promote the use of the AVE among international tourists for their internal mobility in Spain. The agreement has been signed between the president of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, and the CEO of Jumbo Tours Group, Ginés Martínez. They estimate a niche market of about 20 million foreign travellers who arrive each year in Spanish tourist cities with high-speed infrastructures.

In this regard, both brands will work to market, in the countries of origin of foreign tourists, a new product, which would be included in the packages offered by travel agencies, to offer these international tourists transport by AVE between holiday destinations and destinations of cultural interest throughout Spain.

The studies carried out by the two companies also estimate that there is a very important niche of tourists likely to benefit from this modality of 'cultural getaway', since 78% of foreign tourists arriving in Spain are in our country for at least 4 days, while 30% spend at least a week, with enough time, says the analysis carried out, to include travel packages on Renfe trains (AVE, Avlo or Alvia) to cultural destinations of interest.