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February, the month of Carnival Studio 54 in Las Palmas

15 February, 2023

February is Carnival time in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, so important that it is considered a Festival of National Tourist Interest. For this reason, it is an event that is worth taking into account and travelling to Gran Canaria to enjoy a few days of unlimited dancing, costumes, masks and fun. This year the Carnival is inspired by the legendary disco era and begins on 10 February and goes on until 5 March.

It is almost a month of contests, concerts, costume parades, floats, processions, 'murgas', samba batucadas, cavalcades, drag queens, costume festivals; the carnival by day and by night (which are very different environments) and there is even a canine carnival. And, to conclude, the traditional 'burial of the sardine', which is a farewell only for a year. Because the city, after a short break, begins to prepare for the next edition. Such is the involvement of the people in this celebration.

Carnival has been celebrated in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for five centuries. The city, founded in 1478, soon stood out for bringing cultures together which was already observed in the first celebration of this festival dating back to 1574. Many eras have passed since then, it was even banned for 40 years until 1976, but now Carnival is the fiesta with the greatest social and economic impact on the island of Gran Canaria and one of its main tourist attractions.