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The Balearics invest in efficient water consumption in hotels

1 March, 2023

Tourist establishments in the Balearics will carry out reforms to reuse wastewater and greywater, replace filtering systems in pools, install double push-buttons in cisterns and tap and shower water aerators. In the Islands there are examples of how to manage the consumption of this natural resource.

To take this initiative forward, they will have the support of local authorities, who will earmark 8 million euros to contribute to the tourism industry’s water-saving initiatives, whose activity accounts for almost a quarter of the water consumption on the islands, according to a study from the University of the Balearic Islands.

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The new Tourism Law of 2022 states that hotels must have a circularity plan, with a maximum validity of five years, which must focus on five priority areas, one of them water. This means, among other things, having systems to save consumption, reuse and use rainwater.