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Gran Canaria already has more tourists than before Covid

8 March, 2023

Last January, Gran Canaria welcomed more international tourists than in the reference immediately before Covid 19 which goes back to January 2020. A total of 358,873 passengers from various countries visited the island in the first month of the year according to AENA.

This is 52% more than in the same month of 2022 and slightly higher (1.76%) than the 352,674 clients of the 2020 financial year, when the pandemic due to the new coronavirus was still a distant rumour in Europe. One year before, in January 2019, the fifth best year in the historical series, 362,832 foreign clients arrived.

With 1,204,146 passengers in total operations, the Gran Canaria airport is positioned as the third busiest in the country, behind the Barcelona and Madrid aerodromes. This volume of activity of the island’s airport represents a 2% growth over 2019 and +42.4% as compared to 2022.