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The most beautiful village in Spain according to National Geographic

15 March, 2023

The medieval Villa de Aínsa is lucky enough to have been chosen by National Geographic as the most charming place in Spain. This small enclave of Aragon has earned such recognition due to its fascinating history, the natural wealth of its surroundings, its native architecture and the surrounding culture and tradition.

Now, the village of Aínsa is top of the list of the 100 most beautiful villages in Spain created by the leading international magazine. This ranking has been based on the criteria on the best rural destinations of its Travel section’s specialised team. Not surprising when you get to know this fascinating place a little better.

© Villa de Aínsa

Upon arrival, visitors will find a small village full of huddled farmhouses, a charming scene which could well have come straight off any film set in the Middle Ages. The church tower and its castle stand out in this rural complex.