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Wine&Sex, a pioneering project between wine tasting and eroticism

15 March, 2023

One of the most striking proposals in experiential tourism is the combination of wine tourism and eroticism in the same experience. In the Canary Islands, pilot tests are being developed whereby dinners are combined with tasting in which tourists are invited to enjoy wine through the erotic and gastronomic aspect, in an event where intelligent consumption is proposed to participants.

According to the organisation promoted by the tourism innovation consultancy Hosperience and Bodegas Monje, a Canarian winery, this is an original and fun way to enjoy wine with music, stage art and eroticism. Undoubtedly, a sophisticated proposal that will celebrate the next edition on 22 April on its 13th anniversary.

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Inside the winery, a special area for groups has been set up, hosting up to 100 seated people and 50 more for cocktails. Celebrations, banquets, product presentations, work meetings, talks, conferences and, of course, Wine&Sex are organised there.