16.04.2024 | 23:34

Baleària modernises its fleet and makes it eco-efficient

15 March, 2023

The Baleària shipping company invested 61 million euros in 2022, mainly aimed at having a more modern, eco-efficient fleet with better services for passengers. The first electric ferry in Spain, the Cap de Barbaria, stands out. Operations will start this summer with zero emissions when approaching and remaining in the port.

Also construction began on the Margarita Salas fast ferry, with greater power and efficiency than its predecessor, the Eleanor Roosevelt and the retrofit of the Hedy Lamarr ferry was completed. These ships are equipped with dual engines, a versatile technology which allows the use of different fuels, including CO2-neutral renewable sources in the future.

In 2022, Baleària was more eco-efficient: it sailed 14% more miles on all its routes, reducing the MWh consumption ratio per mile by 4%. The passenger loyalty rate was around 95% and high levels of satisfaction were achieved. Furthermore, Baleària offers a differentiated digital experience on board and in customer service, where the focus has continued to be on virtual assistants.