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Millennials prefer travelling to Madrid and Barcelona

22 March, 2023

Travel destination choices are to a certain extent determined by the tourists’ age, depending on the particular generation, they are more likely to prefer some places to others. In the case of millennials (1981-1995), a recent study suggests that Barcelona and Madrid are two of their three favourite cities when it comes to wanting to discover new places.

Over 70% use Instagram regularly, therefore their inspiration is closely linked to that social network. The world's most “Instagrammable” cities are its downfall. Likewise, the report highlights that over half have children living at home, so they look for family destinations but very photogenic.

Millennials love going to good restaurants during their trips, as well as Disneyland Paris, major fashion houses and mythical elements characteristic of each destination. Barcelona and Madrid merge these characteristics because they are considered cultured, inspiring and family destinations, with good food and very, very, photogenic. They have everything this generation could want.