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Ibiza gives a boost to its gastronomic culture

29 March, 2023

The Academy of Gastronomy of Ibiza and Formentera (AGIF), the Spanish Association of Hotel Directors (AEDH) and “Tanit Ibiza Conexión” will collaborate to disseminate gastronomic culture and the consumption of local products from Ibiza and Formentera. Specifically, the organisations will carry out joint actions to promote local gastronomy, traditional recipes and cooking professionals.

Both the gastronomic institution and the association of hotel managers agree on the work of disseminating the benefits of 'Pitiusas' cuisine (i.e., from Ibiza and Formentera), not only as a pillar of improving the quality of the tourist offer, but also as guarantors of the islands’ gastronomic and food heritage.

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Secondly, the collaboration between the Academy and “Tanit Ibiza Conexión” will serve to develop strategic gastronomic and tourism development projects in the islands. What’s more, the Academy of Gastronomy, like the rest of the regional institutions, aims to promote the Mediterranean diet and joint actions will be carried out to promote it.