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This is how Vueling has proposed to reduce its emissions by 70%

29 March, 2023

As a member airline of the International Airlines Group (IAG), Vueling has adopted the group's commitment to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. To achieve this, a strategy has been proposed with three central axes: the use of sustainable aviation fuel, with an active development and production; renewing its fleet with new generation aircraft and contributing to the creation of a more efficient airspace.

Transport is among the most polluting sectors, generating 16.2% of global CO₂ emissions. Of this share, road transport is responsible for 11.9%, aviation for 1.9% and maritime transport for 1.7%, contrary to the general belief that airplanes 'dirty' the atmosphere the most.

It should be noted that sustainable fuels have initially been produced from forest, agricultural and urban waste, including non-recyclable plastics, used oils or food scraps, among others. However, progress is now being made in the development of so-called synthetic fuels or e-fuels (CO₂ + H2), with zero footprint, produced with water and CO₂.