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Madrid is one of the safest cities for women who travel

12 April, 2023

Madrid is one of the safest cities in the world for women who travel alone, as reported by the travel metasearch website WayAway, which has compiled a classification with the 30 cities that stand out in this regard, a ranking in which the Spanish capital occupies a well-deserved fifth place. It is also the second European city on the list.

In addition, there is a second Spanish city in the same ranking, Barcelona, which ranks number 18 among the safest cities for individual travellers who do not want their travel experience to be marred by setbacks which put them at risk, both in terms of theft and physical integrity, among other factors.

This initiative is based on a recent survey carried out by WayAway on its Instagram account (with over 10,000 followers) which revealed that 24% of women have cancelled a trip for safety reasons. Whereas a previous survey on the same website showed that four times as many women as men thought travelling alone was unsafe.