23.06.2024 | 16:36

Asturias promotes itself as a destination for industrial tourism

12 April, 2023

In March, Asturias presented the 'Naturaleza Minera' brand with which it’ll promote itself as an industrial tourism destination. The logo will coexist with the official motto 'Asturias Natural Paradise' in all media and promotional actions to disseminate the community’s industrial resources. The new branding appeals to this area’s historical link with mining.

The presentation of the hallmark took place during the inauguration of the I International Forum of Mining Industrial Tourism held in the Pozo Sotón coalmine in San Martín del Rey Aurelio. Both the launch of the new brand and the organisation of the forum itself are part of the promotion plan which Tourism has launched to promote the sector’s deseasonalisation and sustainability.

The main competitive advantages of industrial tourism in Asturias are the particular symbiosis between the industrial and the rural, with facilities located in environments of great scenic value, as well as the variety of over 30 resources linked to the industry a large part of which have their relationship with mining in common.