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Gran Canaria is also a wine tourism destination

12 April, 2023

The 30th General Assembly of the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) chose Gran Canaria as its venue with a positive unanimous assessment. An original route with its own character, this has been beneficial for showing the island’s potential within the state wine tourism framework. Over 30 Spanish Wine Routes have participated.

The president of ACEVIN, Rosa Melchor, clarified that through wine tourism “another type of offer can be generated”, a type of tourism which helps the island’s progress. The aim is for the Gran Canaria Wine Route to be a sustainable and fair development element for the island's society”, explained the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canarias, Antonio Morales.

Some of the wineries associated with the Gran Canaria Wine Route are Bodegas Mondalón, Viñedos and Bodega Rincón del Guiniguada, Finca Escudero, Bodega San Juan – Finca El Mocanal, Bodegas Bentayga and Bodega Los Lirios. They (and others) can be visited alongside other attractions of the island's natural and cultural heritage.