25.02.2024 | 09:17

A new electric ferry will operate the Ibiza-Formentera line

12 April, 2023

Baleària and the Armon de Vigo shipyard have successfully carried out the first sea trials of the Cap de Barbaria, the first electric passenger and cargo ferry in Spain with zero emissions when approaching and staying in port. These tests, part of the final phase of the ship’s construction, make it possible to calibrate the propulsion and navigation equipment, as well as safety.

Baleària expects to receive the ferry at the end of May and for it to begin linking Ibiza and Formentera this spring, with emission-free navigation and stay in ports, thanks to its electric propulsion. The ship has an energy storage system, with state-of-the-art lithium batteries which will give it 12-hour autonomy in port.

The ship’s power plant has an intelligent management system to optimise its use at all times and improve its efficiency. During the approach, manoeuvre, mooring and stay in port, the ship will not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere and so will represent a substantial improvement in air quality compared to other ships operating on this route.