12.07.2024 | 23:53

Valencia will have an eco camping resort in Gandía

19 April, 2023

Ohai Gandia is the name of the eco camping resort whose opening is scheduled for 2024. The Generalitat Valenciana has approved the Declaration of Community Interest (DIC) of the project, but there are still municipal permits remaining. The promoter of the project, Sunny Resorts, announced earlier this year that it will invest more than 20 million euros for the execution of the work.

The promoters of the project have defined it as sustainable and respectful with the environment and have remarked that “it flees from the concept of 'all inclusive' promoting the local economy”, which is an alternative for international visitors interested in different accommodations.

Gandía is considered by Ohai a location with lots of potential and since the possibility of projecting an Eco-Resort in the municipality arose, the company saw the great opportunity to be part of this destination. Also, its strong commitment to make it a reality soon will make it one of the 'flagships' of the group, said sources.