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Seville: promoting local craftsmanship is also sustainability

19 April, 2023

The Castle of San Jorge in Seville houses the exhibition ‘Masters of the Future. Craftmanship and Design in Europe’. A sample of high contemporary craftsmanship which unites fifty European and Spanish artists, mostly from Seville, in an unprecedented exercise of reinterpretation of the most ancestral traditions and trades but with a current approach.

Throughout history, Seville has been a city of industry and trades, with a splendid past that is now reinvented. The exhibition tries to give visibility to the excellent local, Spanish and European artisan workshops, bringing them closer to the new generations with a look which is the daughter of its time. The artisan sector is transversal and has an enormous potential of cultural, labour and economic wealth.

© Nikita Anders

Seville City Council is basing its strategy of model city and tourist destination in the promotion of its hallmarks. Craftsmanship is one of these. In the words of its mayor, “we want to protect the most primitive sensations of this city, our icons that differentiate us in the world but updating them. Seville today is as eternal as it is avant-garde,” said Antonio Muñoz.