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The Relais Termal spas obtain the 'S' for sustainability

26 April, 2023

Relais Termal has become the first Spanish chain of Spas that has obtained the certification with the 'S Tourism Sustainability' mark from the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), a pioneering distinction in the world that certifies, through external audit, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda in the tourism sector.

With nine spas and twelve hotels, and present in seven Spanish regions, Balnearios Relais Termal is recognised in this way for its efforts in terms of sustainability and compliance with the SDGs. The spa chain is heading towards a committed tourism, increasingly sustainable, ecological and respectful of human rights and the environment.

It should be noted that the S for Sustainability is based on a professionalised management system. Obtaining this distinction also means acquiring a commitment to the towns where the Spas are located, to customers and suppliers, to the environment and to society.