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Extremadura : a futuristic leisure complex

26 April, 2023

The Elysium City project consists of a residential and leisure complex located in the province of Badajoz (Extremadura), which will include luxury hotels, residential areas, theme parks, areas for sports, shopping and recreational areas underway. After obtaining the pertinent authorisation from the Junta de Extremadura, the first stone is expected to be laid in May.

Located in the so-called Siberia Extremeña, in the Badajoz municipality of Castilblanco (with barely 1,000 inhabitants and about 215 kilometres from Madrid), Elysium City will be located in an area of 11.8 million square metres (1,185 hectares, of which 200 will be parkland). An investment of over 18,000 million euros was earmarked.

The initiative includes luxury hotels, sports, residential, commercial and leisure areas in an enclave of great beauty and environmental richness. It is estimated that 32,480 jobs will be created in relation to the construction of the complex in eight years and 26,000 linked to its subsequent use.