23.05.2024 | 14:03

Gran Canaria promotes its historic heritage as a tourist attraction

17 May, 2023

The Sociedad Científica El Museo Canario and Tourism of Gran Canaria have signed an agreement to collaborate in offering joint activities for the conservation, research and dissemination of the island’s historical heritage, mainly through guided tours, temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

The collaboration between both entities involves the planning, organisation and promotion of an agenda of actions and events to publicise the history of Gran Canaria in greater depth, as well as its cultural and archaeological wealth both on the island and abroad. Each event will communicate separately.

This agreement will allow an outstanding sample of the most significant archaeological pieces to be presented soon at the National Archaeological Museum which will provide a synthesis of the history of Gran Canaria from its settlement to the present day. “Gran Canaria is far more than sun and beach”, stated the Cabildo [municipal council].