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3 of the most spectacular cathedrals in Europe are in Spain

24 May, 2023

The flight and hotel search engine Jetcost has consulted its users on which Gothic cathedrals they consider to be the most monumental and impressive in Europe, and as a result it has published a list of 12, three of which are in Spain: The Cathedral of Seville, Cathedral of Santa María de Toledo and Cathedral of Burgos.

Although examples of Gothic architecture can be seen in many palaces, town halls and castles of the time, the style is best exemplified in the beautiful Gothic cathedrals found in the old continent. They could take hundreds of years to build, requiring expert architects, stonemasons, carpenters and glassmakers, and the contributions of entire cities.

© Catedral de Sevilla

Gothic architecture arose in the 12th century, then known as the “French style”; it reflected the ideals, tastes and spirituality of the time. After the darkest period of the Romanesque, light and verticality were sought, essential characteristics of the architecture of Gothic churches and cathedrals, with stained glass windows that allowed the interior areas to be illuminated with endless colours.