23.05.2024 | 13:39

A Trasmed ship becomes more sustainable for the high season

24 May, 2023

The Ciudad de Granada ship of the Trasmed shipping company has carried out a series of improvements and maintenance tasks to reduce SOx gas emissions into the atmosphere. After four months in the Besiktas shipyard (Turkey), having undergone a comprehensive renovation, the ship returns with a comprehensive renovation to comply with the MARPOL regulations, which regulate air pollution.

For this, a gas cleaning equipment, scrubber (EGC), has been implemented and a ballast water treatment plant has been installed. Its external appearance has undergone modifications and silicone paint has been applied to the bottom of the ship to improve its resistance to water.

“With the return of the Ciudad de Granada, we already have the entire fleet ready for the high season, with the corporate image of Trasmed and prepared for a season that is expected to be very good. For this reason, special work has been done to ensure the reliability of the ships, the reduction of emissions and savings in fuel consumption”, said the Trasmed spokesman, Miguel Pardo.