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The alternatives for people of reduced mobility arrive at rent-a-car

24 May, 2023

The OK Mobility company has incorporated vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility into its mobility offer, “responding to a real need for travellers with a physical disability to move freely” and, thereby, catching up with the most recent European criteria whereby accessibility must be a principle for all companies and organisations involved in transport.

The CEO of this company, Othman Ktiri, has ensured that “we incorporate this new type of adapted vehicle in our firm commitment to break down the barriers so that people with reduced mobility can move freely. Mobility is synonymous with freedom; a freedom that must be accessible to all people”, he remarked.

Specifically, OK Mobility incorporates two types of vehicles: cars adapted for driving by people with reduced mobility and vans designed for adapted transport. In the cars, the accelerator and brake controls are incorporated next to the steering wheel, so all the manoeuvres can be done with the hands. The vans have a rear access ramp.