16.04.2024 | 21:43

Spain's top amusement parks open for the season

7 June, 2023

Spain's top four amusement parks: PortAventura, Parque Warner, Terra Mítica and Isla Mágica, are set to kick off the 2023 high season, which will run from June to September, although some have been open for months and have already offered special activities. They all have new features this year:

  • PortAventura (Catalonia). The most outstanding is the new indoor roller coaster in the Far West area, set in the universe of the film and video game “Uncharted”.
  • Parque Warner (Madrid). This also has a new roller coaster dedicated to Batman, called “Batman: Gotham City Escape”. It has four ‘loop the loops’ and three launches and reaches speeds of close to 100 km/h.
  • Terra Mitica (Benidorm). In June only the areas of Egypt, Greece and Rome are accessible. Between July and September the closing time is extended to 9 pm - compared to 7 pm in June - and the Iberia and Las Islas areas are added.
  • Isla Mágica (Seville). From 1 June, it opens until 11 pm -Agua Mágica until 8 pm. This season there is a new attraction where Los Bucaneros used to be, which has now been moved to the lake area.