12.07.2024 | 22:43
Dolores Ordóñez is CEO of AnySolution

DATES: the European data space as a challenge for competitiveness

7 June, 2023

“The European Tourism Data Space: Positioning the European tourism industry” is an event to analyse the project known as DATES that will be held on 8 June with the aim of disseminating the European data strategy. Dolores Ordóñez is one of the participants; in this video interview, she talks about different aspects related to the new European data space.

Dolores Ordóñez is CEO of AnySolution, one of the brands that has organised DATES and will present the paper 'The European Tourism Data Space, a challenge to improve the competitiveness of the sector', as well as moderating the debate 'Data as the central axis of decision making/Sharing to be more competitive', with representatives from other companies and organisations: Ávoris and Vueling.

The aim of the European data strategy is to create an authentic unique market of data. Thus driving growth and creating value, while minimising the human carbon and environmental footprint.

The event “The European tourism data space: positioning the European tourism industry” will be held online and organised by Hosteltur in collaboration with AnySolution.