12.07.2024 | 22:49

The Director General of Turespaña chairs the European Travel Commission 

14 June, 2023

Miguel Sanz Castedo, director general of the Spanish Tourism Institute (Turespaña), has been elected as the new president of the European Travel Commission (ETC) for the next three years. This entity represents 35 National Tourism Organisations in Europe. The new head will lead the organisation's efforts towards a sustainable and inclusive future for the European tourism sector.

“It is an honour to be able to manage the European Travel Commission on behalf of Turespaña. Today, European tourism faces a great opportunity to emerge as a leader in sustainability and inclusiveness. “We must ensure that tourism has a stronger voice in Europe and in the EU and harnesses its power to benefit European businesses and communities,” said Sanz.

The new president will work with the other members on the implementation of the ETC's new Strategy 2030, guiding the organisation towards a more innovative, sustainable, green and inclusive tourism sector in post-Covid-19 Europe. In particular, he will lead the implementation of the recently launched ETC Climate Action Plan.