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One of the best parks in the world is in Spain, according to TripAdvisor

14 June, 2023

Puy du Fou Spain has just been recognised by the travel platform TripAdvisor as one of the best parks in the world. Young and old alike can cool off frequently at Los Surtidores del Lazarillo (a fun circuit at the foot of the Alijares area full of water jets) or at the original Estacas del Aguador scattered throughout the park, which offers its 8,000m2 of pergolas and awnings as shade.

There are several new features that the park has presented for the summer season, such as Los Surtidores del Lazarillo, Los Lavaderos de Villanueva and El Pozo de Isidro. And the night-time show captivates 6,000 people every night with a journey through 1,500 years of history.

Puy du Fou España invites visitors to immerse themselves in history and forget the summer temperatures in a natural setting of more than 30 hectares located in the heart of the Montes de Toledo, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, with hundreds of fountains and water points.