12.07.2024 | 23:08

DATES: Sovereignty, trust and security as the foundation of the data Space

14 June, 2023

The event “The European Tourism Data Space: Positioning the European tourism industry” was held online with the aim of analysing the project known as DATES on the European data strategy. The event organised by Hosteltur and AnySolution addressed the reality of these initiatives and the perspectives they open up.

“Sovereignty, trust and security are the foundation. Everyone has to be comfortable with the sharing of data”, revealed Segittur, which, to date, has held more than 80 meetings with different companies and entities to define how a data space can be built. The key is that “the search, access and use of data must be guaranteed”, said the organisation.

As for the usefulness of the European data space, “first define the problem, then identify which data sources are going to be used to solve it”. And in the case of tourism, “explore what intervention capabilities we have in order to correct the problem once we know what needs to be done. We need to define the semantics of what needs to be done,” he said in the debates.

The DATES initiative is led by Spain and a consortium of 13 entities has been created. These are currently working together to present the European Community with a document describing how the European tourism area should be implemented.