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Spain wants to introduce AI and robotics in hotel rooms

21 June, 2023

The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana have reached an agreement to create the “ITH TechYroom”, a technological and innovative hotel room in a hotel in the municipality of Valencia. In this sense, they have joined forces to focus on the future and design what hotel rooms will be like through an actual showroom.

The main objective is to establish what innovative solutions the hotels will have to incorporate in the short and medium term to meet the demands of new customers. So with the creation of the “ITH TechYroom”, the aim is to put a singular, unique and differentiated experiential tourism product on the market, which will contribute to improving hotel competitiveness.

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The idea is to include tools which improve the experience of the guest, the establishment and the employees. Therefore, a general catalogue of technologies applicable to the room has been agreed, including solutions beyond digital transformation, such as artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics or smart materials.