16.04.2024 | 22:09

Air Europa makes its most sustainable and efficient flight

21 June, 2023

The company Air Europa has connected Madrid and Amsterdam in a round-trip flight that became the most sustainable of the year. To do so, it used a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, optimising all aspects of the operation to demonstrate how we can contribute to the decarbonisation of air transport and innovate for a better future.

The initiative is part, for the second consecutive year, of “The Sustainable Flight Challenge”, which the SkyTeam alliance proposes to all its airlines. This is a unique proposal in the sector consisting of a friendly competition between the airlines that make up the alliance and some of its subsidiaries, to contribute to the acceleration of innovation and change in the sector.

In the case of Air Europa, the flight in question, classified as a short-haul flight, was organised to make both ground and air operations as efficient as possible. The use of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), produced by Repsol from renewable materials, was highlighted. Likewise, electric vehicles were used in the ground manoeuvres for loading, dragging and towing the aircraft.