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This is Meliá's plan to improve hotel water management

28 June, 2023

Magnum is the new project of Meliá Hotels International, Cetaqua, IDP and Aquatec that aims to develop a pilot tool capable of addressing the biggest challenges in sustainable water management in the tourism sector. Thanks to the combination of the latest advances in digitalisation, water footprint and behavioural sciences, responsible water resources consumption will be promoted.

This innovation project, which will end in 2025, is aimed at public-private collaboration initiatives to promote the advancement of scientific knowledge. This project aims to develop a digital twin of the water infrastructure for Meliá's two hotels, creating a virtual replica of the hotel in order to monitor and analyse data remotely and in real time.

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This tool, known as Magnum Digital Twin, will address the global challenge of monitoring the impact on the environment, and in particular on water resources. In this way, Meliá hotels will be able to monitor water consumption more efficiently and identify anomalies and areas for improvement for the sustainable use of water in hotel infrastructures.