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Sustainable getaways and digital disconnection are in fashion

28 June, 2023

More and more travellers are joining in the work of caring for the planet. Travellers are now more eco-conscious. During summer 2023, demand for rural destinations that promote sustainable practices is expected to increase. Tourists will seek accommodation and activities that respect the natural environment and promote environmental conservation.

According to Clubrural's internal forum of rural accommodation owners, it is a fact that travellers are increasingly turning to accommodation with electric cars. Managers of rural houses and hotels are becoming aware of this trend and are starting to think about how to adapt to this change in the best possible way.

Another growing trend in Spanish rural tourism is the need for travellers to escape from technology and connect with nature during their summer holidays. The trend is to enjoy the tranquillity and peace that can only be found in natural surroundings. Relaxation and wellbeing is a determining factor for 60% of Clubrural travellers.