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In Spain there are Blue Flags that have been flying for over 35 years

2 August, 2023

Spain is the leading country in Blue Flag Beaches followed by Greece and Turkey. In fact, 15% of these beaches in the world are in Spain. The tradition is so deep-rooted that there are eight beaches that have held the flag uninterruptedly since it was adopted 36 years ago. And all but one of them are located in different parts of the coast of the Valencian Community.

In 2023, a total of 627 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag in Spain which is six more than last year. And the awards are distributed among 250 municipalities, two more than last year. Among the large number of Blue Flag beaches, 10 have received it for the first time and 22 have regained it after losing it for various reasons.

In Spain there are 3,517 maritime beaches, of which 1,710, i.e. 49%, are included in the bathing water quality census and their waters are sampled during the bathing season. Of these, 93% are rated as excellent and are therefore eligible for the Blue Flag. But in reality not all of them do.