23.05.2024 | 15:20

Half a kilo of plastic collected from the sea for each hotel booking

16 August, 2023

The hotel chain Mar Hotels has announced that for every booking made on any of its hotels’ websites, 1/2 kg of plastic will be removed and collected from the sea and ports. Once the fishermen arrive at the port, they will deposit the plastics in specific containers designated for this material, together with the ghost nets.

These plastics will then be transported to recycling plants, where they will be cleaned, cut and treated for revaluation in the form of furniture and products with sustainable value and a long useful life. In this case, Mar Hotels has decided to join this initiative with ECO-ONE as part of its corporate responsibility and commitment to the conservation of the tourist destinations in which it operates.

Thanks to this collaboration, 750 kg of plastic will be collected from seas and ports. As well as collecting plastics, Mar Hotels, based in Mallorca, is committed to sustainability through the installation of solar panels, the purchase of local food and a project to train employees in sustainability, among many others.