22.05.2024 | 03:55

Hotels VIVA opts for 100% sustainable cellulose paper

16 August, 2023

The Mallorcan hotel chain Hotels Viva has announced that it will become the first Spanish chain to implement carbon-neutral cellulose paper in all its establishments during the current season, thus obtaining sustainability and carbon-neutral carbon footprint certificates for the chain and the hotel.

In addition, not only will this contribute to improving sustainability but the new resources are heavier than the paper rolls currently on the market and are packaged in 100% plastic-free cardboard, thus improving the quality of the product itself and, obviously, also the quality of the packaging.

All new rolls are 100% pure pulp FSC + Ecolabel certified and manufactured with 100% renewable energy with carbon neutrality certification. Thanks to this measure, 9,368 tonnes of CO2, 46,840 litres of water and 84,312 kg of plastic hope to be saved by the 2024 season.