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A mediaeval tower in northern Spain will be a hotel

9 August, 2023

The Basque Government has approved a grant of 700,000 euros for the Town Council of Artziniega (Álava) to pay for work on the Ortiz de Molinillo y Velasco Tower to reopen it as a hotel, as well as to refurbish the Casa de Cultura.

This grant responds to the town council’s request to be able to carry out these projects, which form part of the historic quarter of Artziniega, declared a Cultural Asset with the category of Monumental Site in 1996. The Tower dates back to 1592 and was built by the then mayor of the town, Don Diego Ortiz de Molinillo de Velasco, after whom it is named.

The planned actions are aimed at its reopening as a hotel, after its closure in 2016. So it will be fitted with an air conditioning system (with aerothermal support), work will be carried out to make the building accessible, the roof will be waterproofed, and the smoke outlet and gas installation in the kitchen will be adapted.