22.05.2024 | 04:03

ChocoCruise, a gastro-experience with a stopover in Barcelona

23 August, 2023

Costa Cruceros and Barry Callebaut, specialist in high quality chocolate and cocoa, are renewing their partnership “ChocoCruise - Explore the World of Chocolate”: a whole cruise dedicated to chocolate, a week for confectionery lovers on board the Costa Toscana. From 17 to 24 November 2023, the ChocoCruise will take guests on a gastronomic itinerary with a stopover in Barcelona, among other ports.

During this themed cruise, five of the world’s best master pastry chefs from Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium, all members of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy and Barry Callebaut Ambassadors, together with Riccardo Bellaera, Costa's Corporate PastryChef & Baker, will offer an authentic journey within the journey, discovering the refined art of chocolate-related pastry making.

The five master pastry chefs on board the ChocoCruise 2023 are Alberto Simionato (Italy), Joël Perriard (Switzerland), Philippe Bertrand (France), Ramon Morató (Spain) and Alexandre Bourdeaux (Belgium). The programme includes experiences with chocolate as the star! Guests will be able to enjoy chocolate dishes from breakfast to dinner.