23.05.2024 | 14:23

Renfe takes a big step forward in inclusive tourism

30 August, 2023

Renfe will implement an accessible information device, based on an app and a system of lights installed in stations, aimed at people with hearing disabilities. The company Visualfy, winner of the Accessibility challenge of the 4th TrenLab programme, has developed the idea which is based on sound recognition.

The system is capable of detecting any alert, such as a fire or evacuation alarm, by sending visual and sensory notifications both to customers’ smartwatches and smart bands and to WiFi lamps installed in different locations in the station. Using a code of coloured lights, the app converts sounds into colours and visually reinforces the information.

In 2022, a pilot test was carried out at Sol station (Madrid) with satisfactory results, whereby a series of elements had to be installed that intervene in accessibility, such as an artificial intelligence system, emergency signage lamps, WiFi bulbs, WiFi” “LED strips” and information signs.