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Las Palmas reinforces its tourist information service with two new offices

6 September, 2023

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria reinforces its tourist information service with the opening of two new visitor service offices on Paseo de Las Canteras, one of the most emblematic spaces in the city that has the most tourist and resident traffic throughout the year.

Since this summer, the capital’s main sandy area has two tourist information services: one in the area of La Cícer, in what is known as Plaza de Churruca (Plaza del Alcalde Fernando Ortíz Wiot) in the service used by the Josefina de la Torre library; and in the area of La Puntilla, in the old newsstand next to the Plaza de Saulo Torón.

Due to its importance for tourists, the Paseo de Las Canteras deserved to expand the tourist information service to two areas, La Cícer and La Puntilla, which were much needed due to the high traffic of visitors it receives every day. Las Canteras and its extensive promenade welcomes an average of 65 thousand visitors every day. With these two offices, strategically located at almost opposite ends of the beach, they are able to comfortably meet existing demand.”