12.06.2024 | 16:48

Siam Park’s new attraction is a very long double water slide

20 September, 2023

The Water Kingdom of Siam Park, in Tenerife, has officially presented 'Saifa', its new slide. Saifa, which means lightning in Thai, is an electric attraction, where visitors can enjoy a real water race for over 307 metres. This is a double slide that allows riders to compete against one another in a thrilling downhill chase.

But that's not all: the saucers, fast, swooping open curves, add an extra dimension to the experience. During the ride, participants can watch their opponents in the adjacent lane, which not only adds to the visual appeal but also reinforces the competitive nature of the duel.

Saifa isn’t just spectacular on the slopes which are effortlessly overcome with the help of powerful boosters. These boosters add speed to the ride and catapult the sliders upwards. This results in a ride that is longer than visitors expect.