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Where are the best Spanish beaches to say goodbye to summer?

27 September, 2023

Google searches for “Family holidays on sunny beaches” have increased by 250% in recent months, according to WeLoveHolidays and so the travel agency has revealed the 15 best destinations in Europe to make the most of the last days of summer. The ranking includes four destinations in Spain. We highlight their order in the list and their most outstanding features:

  • 1st - Andalucía. It stands out for having 2,910 hours of sunshine a year and average temperatures of 23 degrees, to which there are also103 water activities available and a total of 117 blue flag beaches, which provide safety for families with children.

  • 4th - Valencia. With 104 blue flags, 12 water activities, 2,701 hours of sunshine per year and an average water temperature of 21.26 degrees.

  • 5th - Canary Islands. The archipelago offers a total of 53 blue flags, 92 water activities and 2,890 hours of sunshine.

  • 8th - Murcia. It has 27 blue flags, 6 water activities and 2,970 hours of sunshine.

  • 13th - Catalonia. It has 91 blue flags and 54 water activities.

  • 15thº - Balearic Islands. It has 29 safe beaches and 182 recreational activities in the water.