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The best new leisure park of the year is in Madrid

27 September, 2023

The first multi-launch roller coaster in Spain, Batman Gotham City Escape, has been awarded by the 'World of Parks Awards', with the prize for the Best New Amusement Park of 2023 in Europe, awarded annually by Worldofparks.eu.

The award highlights Parque Warner Madrid's new coaster as a “thrilling roller coaster” and also recognises its “innovation, excitement and contribution to the world of themed entertainment.” Batman Gotham City Escape opened its doors last May, in time for the high season and in these months it has become a strong attraction for international visitors.

© Parque Warner

It features a 45-metre high top hat with spectacular views of the park, as well as four inversions and three launches that reach speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour in just a few seconds. And there is also a dark section on the roller coaster featuring the settings of Wayne Manor, the Batcave and the Gotham City Underground.

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