13.07.2024 | 09:31

RIU launches an app to streamline customer service

1 November, 2023

RIU Hotels & Resorts has just launched its own internal application for managing tasks in the hotels: Riu Staff. This new tool is the result of two and a half years of work to which the company has devoted 40,000 hours of development and the contribution of more than 50 in-house professionals, as well as an investment of 450,000 euros in the purchase of devices, servers and wireless networks.

The new APP improves guest service thanks to its speed and agility, and also thanks to the contribution of employees from various hotels who, with their experience, have proposed improvements and expanded functionalities to adapt it perfectly to the hotel’s management needs.

The new APP is a considerable improvement due to the immediacy and agility it brings to the daily work of the housekeeping, technical services, minibars and management departments, with the novelty that it also works completely Off Line, in case the hotel’s Wi-Fi or the device’s data fails. The application also allows to improve response times considerably and reduce the use of paper.