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The 350 new Repsol “Soletes” restaurants in Spain

15 November, 2023

The Repsol road guide has awarded its autumn “Soletes” to a total of 350 restaurants, bars, wineries, cafés and all kinds of catering establishments located in different Spanish cities, as a way of highlighting the quality of their gastronomy. There are now 3,600 distinguished establishments which give us the option to discover a different place for every moment, always with cuisine as a standard.

“There is always a perfect place depending on the moment. Soletes have this versatility, which is why they are so successful across the board”, explained María Ritter, director of Guía Repsol. For a tourist arriving at any of the Spanish destinations, this list can be a way of facilitating a good consumer and leisure experience and discovering selected venues.

What’s more, Spanish gastronomy keeps growing and the most central districts of the cities are constantly seeing new establishments open for lunch, coffee, tapas and dinner. This effervescence of openings in Spain’s major cities comes as a result of the increase in tourism in these cities.