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La Rioja will host the 7th WTO World Conference on Wine Tourism

22 November, 2023

The 7th World Wine Tourism Conference will be held in the Spanish wine region of La Rioja. Co-organised by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), the regional government of La Rioja and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, the event will emphasise the key role of this sector in promoting rural development, sustainable practices and regional regeneration.

Amidst a landscape where tradition converges with technology, the Conference will shed light on the seamless integration of wine tourism with the changing preferences of tourists. The programme will address innovative digital tools and the exploration of new strategies to expand reach through social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and increasing the flow of visitors.

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With this event, the WTO reinforces its role as the United Nations specialised agency in the promotion and development of responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism. This world forum currently comprises 159 countries, 6 territories, 2 permanent observers and over 500 Affiliated Members.