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Hipotels is working on the design of its gardens to make them sustainable

22 November, 2023

The hotel chain Hipotels Hotels & Resorts is committed to making its facilities an example of sustainability so one of its next objectives is to improve the irrigation systems to optimise the use of water, as well as to continue working on a garden design that adapts to the environment by planting native shrubs and plants that require fewer water resources and personnel.

“We could say that at Hipotels sustainability takes precedence over aesthetics, although we don’t forget that gardens have to be beautiful,” explained Miquel Ramon, head of the gardening area. So “we take into account aesthetic, functional, economic and social factors”, which combines a multidisciplinary team that includes gardeners, architects and the landscape architect Gabriel Llabrés Nicolau. In total: some 60 people, 75 in high season.

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At Hipotels, the green areas of the hotels, as well as the interiors with vegetation, fulfil several functions. On the one hand, purely aesthetic; on the other, they act as an element separating areas. So there are around 20 to 30 different species of plants, shrubs and trees that define the landscaping of Hipotels, adapted to the different environments in which the hotels are located.